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Department of Pharmaceutics is actually focused on making the students knowledgeable in the formulation of pharmaceuticals. Master program in Pharmaceutics was started in the year of 2007 with an intake of 18 students.

The major focus of the department’s post graduate program is to provide students with a strong focus and training to prepare them for careers in academia, pharmaceutical industry, or research institutions. These degree offerings are intended to meet the high demand for professionals with broad-based training in pharmaceutical sciences. Pharmaceutics is the study of quantitative aspects of drug delivery. It involves the design, development and evaluation of drugs in combination with an appropriate dosage form. The department has spacious laboratories, machine room, latest Instruments like Rotary tablet punching machine, eight basket Dissolution Apparatus, Disintegration apparatus, Stability chamber, BOD Incubator etc.,

Pre formulation studies, drug excipient compatibility studies and stability studies are carried out in the department with the focus on developing newer dosage forms.

The department also has a bio-technology laboratory in which the study of enzyme technology, fermentation, bioassay, micro biological assays are carried out.

The main focus of the research activities in the department is on the development of novel drug delivery systems such as microspheres, mucoadhesives, transdermal patches, nano particles, liposomes and colon targeted drug delivery systems.